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Link with 350.org for 10:10:10

Christchurch 10-10-10

Five fun free events organised in Christchurch for Sunday 10th October, with our partner organisations:

Climate Smart Film Festival. from 10am at CPIT Imagitech Theatre, Madras St.

Walk for Wellbeing. from 10am -start anytime until 2pm - circuit of Travis Wetland.

WWF backs 1010NZ

WWF-NZ (Worldwide Fund for Nature, New Zealand) has signed their organisation up to 1010NZ.  Peter Hardstaff, their climate change programme manager explains why:

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Carbon Calculators in NZ

Actions at Home

Getting started on 10:10 in NZ is easy, as you can start at home through your everyday choices for shopping, travel and energy efficiency.

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