posted by V. van der Neut

get connected with other 10:10 hubs

10:10 Denmark reached out to the 10:10 global community and sought 10:10 hubs to join the Sommerluk Campaign. According to EuroHeat, countries with about 50% of the citizens who use district heating systems are:

  • Iceland (99%)
  • Estonia (53%)
  • Finland (49%)
  • Latvia (64%)
  • Lithuania (60%)
  • Poland (50%)

Luckily, through 10:10 network, we get in touch with Sandra Antonovic, owner of Nektarina Non Profit, who agrees to run the Sommerluk campaign in Estonia, Lithuania and Slovenia. Sommerluk campaign is going to a wider audience and creating a bigger impact.

According to Sandra, people in Estonia, Lithuania and Slovenia are not active in actually closing down their district systems in a proper manner. There is a lot of room for improvement and savings, both carbon and financial ones.

While Nektarina non profit will focus on these three countries, they will also try to make the campaign known about on a wider scale.

In Estonia, Lithuania and Slovenia, Nektarina Non Profit has good relationship with public sector. The ambitious is to get access to district heating companies and reach an agreement. The team will work on making all Sommerluk information available in the local language, and try to make short videos from the participants in the campaign from this year and from public sector onwards.

This is just a start. We are looking forward to exciting progresses.