10:10 inspires and supports people and organisations to cut their carbon emissions by 10% in a year.

Any individual, family, business or organisation can make the cuts - and by working together we can make a real difference.

posted by rhys

1010NZ on Facebook

We're now on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/1010NZ and collecting followers! Join them by clicking 'Like this' when visiting.

If you have a personal blog page or Facebook page of your own, do make a link to there or direct to this website. 

Copy and insert this GIF image to your page (once you've signed up your own pledge to start reducing carbon pollution by 10%) and preferably add the url page link behind the picture, so that it can be clicked on.  A short link is now available at http://www.1010nz.com  or you can use the full http://www.1010global.org/nz