Support 10:10

Help us change history

In addition to signing up, there are three main ways that you can help support 10:10.

1. Spread the word

Multiply your impact by getting others to join 10:10. 

2. Donate

10:10 is a hugely ambitious project that relies on the generosity of those who believe in what we’re doing. Apart from a small core staff, the majority of our work is done by talented people giving up a bit of their time each week to help out. And with no flashy headquarters or huge bonuses to pay for, we get a lot of campaigning bang from every buck.

Donate to the campaign and we’ll put your money to work on changing history.

You can help by giving a donation or contacting Lizzie Gillett if you have ideas or suggestions about how to fund the campaign.

3. Sponsor

Become a major 10:10 supporter. Contact [email protected] for more details.