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WWF-NZ (Worldwide Fund for Nature, New Zealand) has signed their organisation up to 1010NZ.  Peter Hardstaff, their climate change programme manager explains why:

 "We all have a responsibility to act.  Offsetting the organisation's emissions is not enough. Although we do offset, over the past few years we have implemented several initiatives to reduce our consumption of resources in the Wellington office (e.g. by reusing paper) and reduce our creation of waste, by recyling and composting. We have a low emissions hybrid vehicle for any car journeys we need to make. WWF-NZ have also initiated a process aimed at steadily reducing our use of aviation."

WWF-NZ promotes Earth Hour on the last Saturday in March at which an hour's  symbolic and sociable switch off of electric power consumption is urged. Going beyond that event, they suggest earth hour every hour . As part of this, in partnership with PowerShop, they are promoting Power Saver a free on-line tool to help you track and reduce your electricity use.

If you are a WWF member or supporter why not follow their lead and join us at 1010NZ here, now!