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10:10 Aotearoa NZ update

Sustainable Living Courses NZLearn in good company...

In Canterbury, Dunedin, Lower Hutt, Auckland and many other locations, Sustainable Living evening class series are running, up to 4x a year. Content includes home energy efficiency and travel choices. See details including how to book on these practical courses at

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 Follow these sports hero leaders

ProjectLitefoot - follow the top sportspeopleThey may be in the public eye first for their cricket, rugby, golf or rowing prowess, or maybe as a surfer, but in
their personal lives the famous Sport Ambassadors of ProjectLitefoot have shown how easy it is to cut carbon emissions. Hear them talk about their experiences on video and then try calculating your own carbon footprint at the website. Could you equal or beat them? 



October 10th 2010

This month our friends at will join us to take part in the Global Working Bee: practical, constructive and fun projects across New Zealand that help to show our climate concern and make a difference for carbon emissions. Note Sunday 10:10:10 on your calendar now! (The day after local government election voting closes)

Christchurch has at least 5 events. Details here.

Go to our blog on Links to 350 for samples of other city events across NZ.

If you'd like to organise a 1010 and 350 joint event in another location, please register it at the website and also let us know by email to [email protected] 

Find and 1010NZ on Facebook too. is coordinating 10:10:2010 actions